How our Online ordering works

Our online ordering process

If you click on the Order Here button, you will be redirected towards our online menu which is managed by a trusted and secure and trusted third-party provider, Mr. Yum. You can then choose whether you would like to order from the pickup or delivery menu and simply follow the instructions from there.

You will receive a confirmation via SMS, and on our side the order is sent directly to our kitchens. This eliminates all human errors, and it is truly seamless. If you order a delivery, the delivery will be handled by Quench. There are various methods of payments, including Snapscan and Paystack.

Why order through our website

As all the mayour third party delivery companies charge commission and delivery fee. These commissions vary, but we need to bring that into account when we list our menu items with them.

As we only use the Mr. Yum platform for its reliability and ease of use, and market the functionality ourselves, we can provide you with great prices. You are also able to “opt-in” to receive notifications of future discounts and exclusive offers

Your information and privacy

Neither Mr. Yum nor Quench will disclose any of your information, and they don’t use your information for their marketing campaigns Etc. You can “opt-in” to receiving marketing and special offers from Tai Ping, but again, we will not disclose your contact details to any third parties..